The Five Behaviors™ Personal Development

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Individuals for up to 30 participants


To learn to be a good teammate and recognize those behaviors in others. 




Provides five principles that reshape the behaviors that empower individuals to work together.

When an entire organizationwants to focus on teamworkand collaboration

Take online through the link sent by the EPIC administrator.

*There are 2 formats for the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. One uses the DiSC model and the other uses All Types when looking at individual personality styles within the team.

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What you need to get started

Getting started is very easy. Here are the 3 key items you will need to solve your learning and development needs:


  • Research-validated, online psychological assessment that measures 12 personality types
  • Personalized content that helps individuals: build trust, learn how to engage in productive conflict, commit to decisions, and hold one another accountable
  • Helps participants better understand themselves and the personalities of others to become a better teammate
  • 25 EPIC Credits Learn more

Facilitator Kit

  • Leader’s Guide
  • Customizable PowerPoints with embedded videos
  • Participant handouts and activities
  • Podcasts, online resources, and a research report
  • Unlimited Comparison Reports
  • $1,495.00 - Buy Now

Starter Package

  • EPIC Account Set Up
  • Team Development Facilitator Kit (DiSC or All Types based)
  • 300 EPIC Credits for:
    • 12 Personal Development Profiles
    • Unlimited Comparison Reports
  • The Five Behaviors Stress Pyramids (set of 12)
  • $2,699.00 - Buy Now


Personal Development Faciliation Kit


Personal Development Starter Package


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