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The Work of Leaders Book
The Work of Leaders Book

Interwoven with humor and drawing from real-world scenarios, The Work of Leaders distills leadership best practices into a simple, compelling process that helps leaders at all levels get immediate results.

Everything DiSC Manual
Everything DiSC    Manual

Examine DiSC as it intersects with current physiological theory, case studies modeling the proper interpretation of the tool, and how it applies to gender, ethnicity, and education. This manual is an essential reference tool for anyone facilitating Everything DiSC products.

The 8 Dimensions of Leadership
8 Dimensions of Leadership Book

To be an effective leader you need to know your strengths—but that’s only part of the story. You also need a broad perspective on all the behaviors needed to be an effective leader. This book provides both.

Everything DiSC
ED Bonus Video
Productive Conflict Reference Guide
Bonus DiSC    Video

This collection of video clips complements training across all Everything DiSC solutions. Video clips support communication, teambuilding, management, conflict, and sales training.

Productive Conflict Reference Guide
$4.25 each

This insightful, easy-to-reference flipbook is perfect for clients to use on-the-job, reminding them to keep productive conflict responses top of mind.

Work of Leaders Wall Poster (8 Different Posters)
Work of Leaders Posters

All eight Work of Leaders posters printed full size in color! Because print costs may be prohibitive, you can order these posters direct from Wiley and save. If you prefer to print your own, digital copies of the Work of Leaders posters are included with your Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Facilitation Kit.


  • 24” x 36”

  • Full color

  • Laminated

These posters are designed to be used with the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Facilitation Kit and the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profiles, which are sold separately.

Interaction Guides (set of 25)
$24.00 each
Everything DiSC Interaction Guide

Featuring the Everything DiSC Map and tips for working with each style, these paper guides support Everything DiSC trainings. Use them with the Everything DiSC Facilitation Kits and Everything DiSC Profiles; sold separately.

Select Product:

  • Workplace

  • Management

  • Sales Customer

  • Productive Conflict

Everything DiSC My Style Guide
Workplace Style Index
ED Floor Graphic
Everything DiSC Mugs
Everything DiSC Pens
Card Game
DiSC Button D
Everything DiSC Need Tags
Workplace Style Guides (set of 25)

Everything DiSC Workplace Style Guides are job aids that support the Everything DiSC Workplace training. Participants create their own Everything DiSC Map, indicating their DiSC® style, and list specific ways they prefer to be communicated with. These guides are designed to be used with the Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit and Everything DiSC Workplace Profile; sold separately.

Workplace Style Index
$4.25 each

This insightful flip book offers quick tips and actionable communication strategies from Everything DiSC Workplace based on one’s DiSC style. Perfect for clients to use on the job, enabling them to create a culture of DiSC, one interaction at a time.

DiSC    Floor Graphic

The Everything DiSC floor graphic is a great learning tool to use in interactive classroom activities. The graphic is a 47” circle textured matte vinyl with fabric backing adhesive. This product has a Slip Resistant Certification (ASTM D-2047 and R12) and can be used on a variety of surfaces.

DiSC      Mugs (Set of 4)

12-ounce coffee mugs display the Everything DiSC logo and tips for each DiSC style.

DiSC     People-Reading Pens (Set of 5)

View a people-reading tip with each click of this clever ball-point pen.

QuikDiSC      Card Game

QuikDiSC is an entertaining game that introduces learners to DiSC. The game includes 128 cards—enough for 21 participants. Instructions and ideas for small and large group games included.

DiSC      Buttons

Use DiSC Color Buttons in your training seminars to enhance learning, retention, and quick application of DiSC behavioral concepts. Great for recognizing your colleagues’ styles.


10 Green “D” Buttons

10 Red “I” Buttons

10 Yellow “S” Buttons

10 Blue “C” Buttons

"Need" Name Tags

Starter pack of 1 of each 12 types $22.00

Individual Style (set of 10) $20.00

These reusable magnetic "Need" Tags are a great way to get people talking during a networking event or a facilitation session.

Accuracy (C), Action (Di, iD), Challenge (CD, DC)

Coffee, Collaboration (iS, Si), Enthusiasm (i), Happy Hour, Results (D), Stability (CS, SC), Support (S) to be a Star

Five Behaviors Pens
The Five Behaviors™ Team Pen (set of 10)


These reusable magnetic Need Tags are a great way to get people talking during a networking event or a facilitation session.

Accuracy (C), Action (Di, iD), Challenge (CD, DC)

Coffee, Collaboration (iS, Si), Enthusiasm (i), Happy Hour, Results (D), Stability (CS, SC), Support (S) to be a Star

The Five Behaviors
Five Behaviors Stress Pyramids
Take Away Cards - All Types
The Five Behaviors™ Stress Pyramid

$2.25 each

Help clients and prospects stay stress-free with this foam Stress Pyramid which lists the Five Behaviors™.

The Five Behaviors™ Team Development Takeaway Cards Powered by All Types™

Keep The Five Behaviors™ alive in an organization with Take-Away Cards. One pack contains two decks of cards:

  • Deck 1: The Five Behaviors (10 sets of 5 cards—one card for each behavior)

  • Deck 2: How to Work Effectively with Me (10 sets of 8 cards that outline ways to work with people based on their personality type)

Take Away Cards - DiSC
The Five Behaviors™ Team Development Takeaway Cards Powered by Everything DiSC® $100.00

Take-away cards are helpful tools to keep the Five Behaviors™ alive in the organization. There are 20 sets of cards in each pack. Each set includes the following five cards:

  • Building Trust (Trust)

  • Healthy and Unhealthy Behaviors (Conflict)

  • Clarity and Buy-in (Commitment)

  • Guidelines for Giving and Receiving Feedback (Accountability)

  • Collective Results (Results)

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