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Wiley Assessments

Accurate Assessments that are Fast and Easy to Administer

EPIC Account

An easy-to-use online system for purchasing, administering, and managing DiSC   and Five Behaviors™ profiles. Safe and GDPR compliant.


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Everything DiSC     Assessments


A wide range of different assessments based on the DiSC    model that help individuals gain insights and navigate various situations in the the changing workplace.


The Five Behaviors™ Assessments

Assessments for individuals to improve their collaboration with others, or already intact teams to work together better and more productively.

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PXT Select™

An assessment that helps alleviate organizational hiring challenges by helping recruiters plan earlier, assess better, choose smarter, and retain longer.

Support Materials & Books

Increase the learning and enthusiasm of your participants with these supporting engagement tools and books.

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Our Gift: State of

Teams 2020

Teams are the building blocks of any organization, and our working lives are becoming more team-oriented than ever before. Download our free PDF gift to learn more about the dynamic nature of teams in today’s workplace based on insights from over 20,000 employees.

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