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DiSC     Classic Paper Profile


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Everyone in the workplace - especially people without access to their own computer.


To improve interpersonal communication, minimize conflict, and build more productive teams.


A 20-page booklet containing the original 28-question test, self-scoring instructions, and results that provide an understanding of individual habits and behavioral tendencies based on the DiSC® Classic Graph.



When participants don’t have easy access to computers.

Order online and have it delivered to your organization.

DiSC Classic Profile
Modern City

Paper Profile

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Facilitation Kit

Classic facilitation kit.png

*Minimum order of 5 profiles, for more than 100, call for volume pricing.


DiSC® Classic Facilitation kit includes:

  • Customizable PowerPoint slides

  • Handouts and templates

  • Sample profiles

  • Interpretations of 18 DiSC® profile patterns


Call for Volume Pricing

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