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Meet Martha

Founder of Gantt Group®

Martha Legare, MBA, PMP, CMP, ACE & EMCC Coach, is a behavioral scientist with deep expertise in organization change. She has coached leaders in multiple industries grappling with today's complex business issues.  

Clients appreciate Martha's ability to listen compassionately and guide them in clarifying their goals and developing the plans to accomplish them. Her style is one of radical candor - clear, fast, and direct while being supportive of her clients in achieving their objectives.


Martha  believes everyone can lead, no matter their position. Let us help YOU refine your personal or business vision and lead successful teams and organizations.

She has provided Learning & Development and Project Management consulting for 20+ years in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

How Does Our Coaching Work?

We are partners in this process


Every person is different, so we can approach our work together as you need it. It can be a short-term issue or decision you want to resolve, or it can be a longer-term complex goal you want to achieve with numerous accomplishments embedded within it. Different packages are available to suit your needs.

Your "Thought Partner"

What does that mean? We'll clarify YOUR goals and determine how best to achieve them. It usually entails exploring your thoughts through questions and reflection rather than offering my thoughts. Although if I have some specific expertise in an area you're interested in, I’m happy to answer any questions or provide resources. (And I have been known to have occasional opinions, if you want to hear them.)


I generally use a change process framework I developed for organizations, but have adapted for complex situations in individual coaching. It has five aspects that appear linear, but there is always an opportunity for iteration – maybe your goals shift as you gain clarity. Perhaps you recognize one of your values has more, or less, importance as we work together. Something in the environment could alter your situation or priorities. We can always modify and respond agilely to change. You are the ultimate decision maker in our relationship.

The Process

Typically, we begin by clarifying what Vision or goals you have, then confirm how they Align with your values and environment. You might take an optional assessment to give us a foundation for discussion of your strengths and what’s important to you. Then we'd explore possibilities for Designing a plan and a way to Execute it to achieve your goals. Lastly, we would identify any obstacles to your Sustaining that goal and create any reward or habit system needed to support that accomplishment.

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“While there are many choices available, the Gantt Group clearly stands above all others because of their vast training experience, willingness to work alongside your organization as a true partner, all in an effort to help you accomplish your organization's goals.”

Keith Lyons

Director, Robert Bosch North America

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