Vision - Alignment - Execution

Vision - Alignment - Execution

Business Consulting
  • Manage organizational change AND improve stakeholder relationships
  • Achieve better results by balancing clarity, alignment, accomplishment, and control
  • Increase your competitiveness – our culture assessments link to financial performance

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Management Training
  • Do your people have the right skills to manage their work and grow your business?
  • Build a roadmap to success by aligning your people's skills and knowledge
  • We create courses customized for you or deliver globally proven classes

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Learning & Development Products
  • Need tools to help you manage your resources more effectively?
  • Our customizable toolkits improve teamwork, productivity, and communication
  • DiSC® profiles have been used successfully by 46 million people in 33 languages

Learning & Development Products

Business Consulting

Like Darwin said, “It’s not the strongest or most intelligent that survive, it’s those that adapt the most quickly to a changing environment.” And while that’s true for a species, it’s true for business on a hyper-accelerated timescale. Gantt Group helps changing organizations not only survive, but thrive.

We apply our experience with business strategy, culture, and human systems design to increase your organization’s effectiveness and viability. With a team of consultants diverse in culture, technical and behavioral sciences, Gantt Group’s business consulting will get your people working in alignment to achieve YOUR business goals. OUR goal is to transfer our technology and expertise to build the capacity within your organization to sustain positive change.

Management Training

What skills do your people need to know and do differently to manage their work and grow your business? When partnering with your business, Gantt Group identifies high value management training opportunities, helps you resolve workforce performance issues, and supports your learning needs quickly and effectively. Create a roadmap to success by aligning your employees’ skills, knowledge and attitudes.

Gantt Group easily customizes learning programs tailored to your specific business or offers globally proven management training courses to support your learning and development needs. The Gantt Group has also partnered with a provider of online programs for Harvard University to create courses for individual development and scheduling flexibility. By working with Gantt Group’s management training programs, you will enhance your employee’s skills, streamline associate training development, and increase your employees’ technical and management capabilities.

DiSC® Profiles & Inscape Distributor

As a trusted DiSC® distributor since 1996, Gantt Group offers the complete line of DiSC® profiles and Inscape assessment tools to help you manage your training resources more effectively.  Over 46 million people have used DiSC® in 33 languages, making Inscape Publishing the world’s leader provider of individual assessment tools.

DiSC® products offer online training tools for management training, sales training, and employee training in management, sales, communication, and teambuilding.  Gantt Group provides you with customizable toolkits that enhance employee development by improving teamwork, productivity, and communication.  With your organization using DiSC® profiles and Inscape assessment tools, you will strengthen associate effectiveness, energize the workplace, and help your people refocus on your company’s priorities. Our consultants are also certified in Myers-Briggs® (MBTI), FIRO®, and TKI if you prefer to work with those specific assessments.


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