Vision - Alignment - Execution

Vision - Alignment - Execution

Time & Cost

Speed Up Your Workforce’s Transformation With Our Time & Cost Training

Business is all about creating value for the organization. Whatever our role, we contribute to the company by either making money or saving money in delivering our products and services. And “Time is money,” as Benjamin Franklin said. The best way to save costs is to avoid incurring unnecessary ones. Simple? Yes. Easy? No.

Help your people get a better handle on managing their time and/ or processes for better financial results? And who can’t improve? Check out our classes. All our courses use highly effective team and organizational learning processes to create shared understandings that enhance business understanding, communication, and speed to market. Choose from the Gantt Group courses below to transform your workforce.

Time Mastery

This course goes beyond the basics of time management. The pre-work assessment analyzes participants’ mastery of 12 time management categories, from planning and prioritization to procrastination and meetings. How do we prioritize as a team when people are working on multiple projects that are more important to some than others? This course helps participants to reframe their sense of time in an interactive environment, developing support teams with mutual influence. This workshop deals with issues of speed, priority, spirit and skills. It enables you to go beyond the A-B-C, 1-2-3 process to think creatively in a team environment.

Lean Business Systems

Learn a data-driven approach to reveal patterns and processes in your quality and innovation environment rather than working from gut feel. This workshop teaches participants the 7 Wastes and how to evaluate their current company’s “House” by mapping existing workflows. Participants learn how to analyze those procedures to explore where efficiency improvements can be made. This course includes how to choose the appropriate statistical process tool to get the data required to make process change decisions. You’ll learn how to remove waste and add value to your organization.

Earning Value in Projects

Need to get up to speed with the concepts and terminology of “Earned Value Management?” EVM is a common way of evaluating and forecasting project results, including schedule delays, from a financial perspective. Although typically used in the construction industry and government, some innovative organizations are applying earned value analysis to different kinds of projects. Participants learn tracking, evaluating, forecasting and controlling a project’s earned value once resources have been assigned to tasks. A longer version of this course includes capital budgeting techniques and understanding the firm as a cash pump to clarify financial statements – the income statement (P&L) and balance sheet.

Financial Value Management

Are your managers expected to apply Earned Value Management to projects, but need to develop a deeper understanding of the concepts and terminology? This workshop is an examination of EVM terms, concepts methods and best practices. Targeted for decision makers who want to better plan and control costs, this class gives you the tools you need to be more successful. Designed to help the project or program manager create an environment that emphasizes the importance of generating value for the company, this workshop gives you all the information and skill development in “Earning Value in Projects.”