Vision - Alignment - Execution

Vision - Alignment - Execution


Enhance Your Company’s Business Innovation, Communication, Quality, and Speed to Market

Whether you need to enhance cross-functional team effectiveness or develop the capabilities to discover insights to direct innovation or improve communication, team training is critical to your success. Our courses use highly effective team and organizational learning processes to create shared understandings that enhance business innovation, communication, quality, and speed to market. Choose from the Gantt Group courses below to transform your workforce.

Productive Team Development

This workshop focuses on the stages of team development, the behaviors that typically occur, and how you can speed up the process to performing optimally. Participants develop an understanding of roles, behaviors and management styles. You learn the processes of creating a project team, dealing with conflict, developing good working guidelines, and achieving successful project results. Thought-provoking and highly interactive, this program includes pre-work of taking an online Everything DiSC® Workplace assessment. Participants gain an understanding of themselves, others, and how individual styles can affect teamwork and results.

DiSC® Workplace Styles

Participants discover their DiSC® style preferences and learn how they affect workplace priorities and relationships. “D” represents the Dominant style, “i” stands for Influencer, “S” for Steady, and “C” for Conscientious. This assessment has been used successfully in 33 languages by more than 46 million people around the world. Everything DiSC® Workplace can be used with everyone in an organization, regardless of title or role, to improve the quality of communication and interaction in the workplace.

Dynamic Presentations

Learn the “how-tos” of developing and delivering an effective presentation! Whether managing teams, projects, or both, participants learn to convey their ideas more convincingly. Determine your presentation’s purpose and the best ways to create its structure and content. Participants develop techniques to overcome presentation anxiety, manage transitions, and timing. Most of this program is spent with participants improving skills by rehearsing short presentations, being videotaped, and receiving professional feedback. We also cover when and how to effectively use different types of presentation media and room arrangements. (While we cover PowerPoint, this is not a class on how to use it.)

Creativity & Innovation

Limited resources. Global economic pressure. Ever-changing customer demands. These are times when problems rarely have clear-cut “right” answers and “business as usual” simply doesn’t cut it. Creativity can help your organization identify new products AND new opportunities. And creativity tools can expand the scope of your thinking. In this course, your right brain will get a workout to open you to possibilities, whether you are in new product development, marketing, or a role that’s “not creative.” Join us in an engaging program that takes you through brain calisthenics and stretches your mind.

Effective Meeting Facilitation

Develop one of the most critical skills in any professional job – managing great meetings. Participants learn to facilitate others working together more effectively without having management authority. You’ll examine techniques for structuring and developing meeting agendas, keeping the meeting focused and on track. This course gives you guidelines for how to keep meetings short and effective, establish roles for leading the meeting, timekeeping, and contributing content. It provides methods for getting everyone’s input and leveraging their enthusiasm.

Lean Business Systems

Learn a data-driven approach to reveal the patterns in your quality and innovation environment rather than working from gut feel. This workshop teaches participants the 7 Wastes and how to evaluate their current company’s “House” by mapping the existing workflows. Participants learn how to analyze those efficiencies to explore where improvements can be made. This course includes how to choose the appropriate statistical process tool to get the data required to make process change decisions. You’ll learn how to remove waste and add value to your organization.

Time Mastery

This course goes beyond the basics of time management. The pre-work assessment analyzes participants’ mastery of 12 time management categories, from planning and prioritization to procrastination and meetings. How do we prioritize as a team when people are working on multiple projects that are more important to some than others? This course helps participants to reframe their sense of time in an interactive environment, developing support teams with mutual influence. This workshop deals with issues of speed, priority, spirit and skills. It enables you to go beyond the A-B-C, 1-2-3 process to think creatively in a team environment.

Constructive Negotiation

Learn to get ahead in today’s complex organizations by developing one skill that is critical to success everywhere – the ability to negotiate. De-fuse a potentially adversarial relationship; build agreements that work. This experiential program approaches negotiation as a constructive activity that is intended to meet the needs of all parties. It teaches the participant how to develop a collaborative process between two parties with both common and conflicting interests. Using the metaphor of designing and constructing a building and practice situations, you’ll learn a positive, productive way of thinking about, planning for and implementing negotiations.

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Resolve one of the toughest dilemmas that project teams face: how to solve problems and make choices as a group. Problem solving requires both a creative and analytical approach. This course includes multiple ways to tackle problems and make decisions as a unit. Whether you are dealing with a yes/no decision, a weighted choice between multiple options, or a need for unconventional thinking, this course allows you to choose the appropriate process for the current situation.

Stress & Coping

Our unique pre-work assessment provides people with valuable feedback on coping with stress in the interconnected areas of our lives, both work and personal. Everyone knows that our personal lives affect our work, even when we don’t share what is happening at home. This course provides critical insight into how stress in one area of life affects other areas, while still maintaining individual confidentiality. Participants learn how to better develop coping resources in some areas, which can be used to decrease stress in others.