Vision - Alignment - Execution

Vision - Alignment - Execution

Scope & Quality

Learn The Critical Skills to Your Technical Success

“Good, fast, and cheap!” Those are the objectives most sponsors say they want when you manage their projects. But when all is complete, it’s the quality that everyone has to live with – and is remembered. Whether you are the one defining the scope or executing the plan, you and your team can improve your capability to add value to your company. The “soft skills”, which really are the hardest, of questioning, listening, and responding are critical to your technical success. Our courses use highly effective team and organizational learning processes to create shared understandings that enhance your business results. Choose from the Gantt Group courses below to transform your workforce.

Defining Requirements

Poorly defined scope is THE biggest problem in Project Management. Identifying the right stakeholders and understanding their business needs are critical to defining project requirements. In this workshop participants learn alternative ways to map business processes. You will explore the ambiguity of even “simple” statements and practice asking context-free questions to understand what is truly needed. While focused on clarifying sponsor and stakeholder expectations, this course includes a short section on facilitating meetings and dealing with conflict constructively.

Lean Business Systems

Learn a data-driven approach to reveal patterns and processes in your quality and innovation environment rather than working from gut feel. This workshop teaches participants the 7 Wastes and how to evaluate their current company’s “House” by mapping existing workflows. Participants learn how to analyze those procedures to explore where efficiency improvements can be made. This course includes how to choose the appropriate statistical process tool to get the data required to make process change decisions. You’ll learn how to remove waste and add value to your organization.