Vision - Alignment - Execution

Vision - Alignment - Execution

Innovation & Risk

Innovation & Risk in Business

Rapidly, the world is changing. Technology leaps forward at an increasing pace. To stay competitive, many organizations focus on enhancing innovation, being more creative. Truly innovative organizations stand the best chance of developing a sustained competitive advantage, whatever their industry.

But being creative in a competitive world is risky. Innovation is impossible to achieve without taking a certain amount of risk, but what is too much? In a tough economy the willingness to take risks can diminish, how much failure is tolerable? You can call Gantt Group for consulting support if your organization needs to develop standards. But if it’s skill development you want, check out our courses below to transform your workforce.

Creativity & Innovation

Limited resources. Global economic pressure. Ever-changing customer demands. These are times when problems rarely have clear-cut “right” answers and
“business as usual” simply doesn’t cut it. Creativity can help your organization identify new products AND new opportunities. And creativity tools can expand the scope of your thinking. In this course, your right brain will get a workout to open you to possibilities, whether you are in new product development, marketing, or a role that’s “not creative.” Join us in an engaging program that takes you through brain calisthenics and stretches your mind.

New Product Development

Learn what it takes to develop successful new products or services. New product development managers play a critical role in the development and execution of business strategies. This course integrates Stage-Gating into a PMI accepted project management methodology. You can apply this approach to all your new-product initiatives, ensuring that only the best ones progress past pre-defined decision points and the potential losers are killed off. You’ll focus on building a product portfolio and choosing the appropriate criteria, such as adequate market research, (the reason 85% of NPD fails). Learn how to become more comfortable with uncertainty, fully engage new team members, and embrace the role of product manager in new product development.

Managing Project Risk

Develop a comprehensive approach to the risk management process, including tips to apply it and traps to avoid, based on lessons learned from actual projects. Throughout the course, you’ll explore how PMI risk standards can be applied to project risk management in any industry. Participants learn practical, ready-to-use approaches for risk planning, identifying and analyzing project risk issues, and developing risk strategies. You’ll discover ways to engage people with diverse risk perspectives to make your risk management more effective for the entire organization. Balance the need for flexibility with monitoring and controlling risk in your project implementation.