Vision - Alignment - Execution

Vision - Alignment - Execution

Core Project Management

Learn Successful Project Management Skills

Project management is a critical skill in today’s business environment. The field has grown geometrically, with US$12 trillion (a fifth of the world’s GDP) spent on global projects last year alone. The Project Management Institute (PMI®) projects that 1.2 million new project manager jobs will be created each year for the next decade. Even if you are not officially a “Project Manager”, likely you will have to manage projects or help your people learn to manage them. Gantt Group consultant / trainers have many years of real life experience in managing successful projects, as well as expertise in learning and development. Let us help you transform your workforce with the courses listed below.

Intro to Project Management

If you manage small projects or are new to project management, this course is for you! Participants gain a clear conceptual understanding of project management terminology and how to achieve project objectives. You’ll be able to apply our 6-phased approach to project initiation, scoping, planning, plan optimization, execution & control, and closeout. Organized in teams, you’ll develop project planning skills while working on a case study with a previously defined, universal scope. Aligned with PMI, this class gives you the basics of developing and managing projects effectively.

Fundamentals of Project Management

Need an in-depth knowledge of how to lead and manage all aspects of a project from initiation to closeout? This course helps you identify stakeholders, their roles and define a detailed scope. Participants work in teams to define their own project’s scope and apply the planning tools in our 6-phase methodology: Work Breakdown Structure, effort and duration estimating, task sequencing, critical path analysis, Gantt charts, resource allocation, budgeting and risk management. You’ll learn to make evaluate and make decisions while managing changes in a work-in-progress case study. You’ll close out your project with lessons learned and a review for technical comprehension.

5-Day Project Management Certificate Program

Our most comprehensive workshop covers PMI’s PMBOK Guide’s 9 Bodies of Knowledge structured within the 5 Process Groups of Initiation, Planning, Execution, Control, and Closeout. In this interactive program, you choose teams and work through small group exercises covering Time, Cost, Scope, Quality, Risk, Human Resources, Communication, Procurement and Integration Management. You’ll experience hands-on instruction on how to calculate the critical path and allocate resources. In addition to technical knowledge, you’ll learn how to manage teams collaboratively, exploring individual style preferences and group dynamics. This seminar integrates of all these project management processes into a workable project methodology that can be adapted to your organization. This class focuses on learning about effective project management from PMI’s perspective, but is not focused on taking the PMP test. (See our online courses for PMP Prep.)

Project Management for Marketing

Is project management different in a marketing environment? You can bet the time frame is shorter, the resources harder to manage, and the customers more demanding! You’ll learn project management terminology and how to coordinate stakeholder goals to achieve project objectives. This course emphasizes scope development and clarification, the most volatile problem in project management. You’ll be able to apply our 6-phased approach to project initiation, scoping, planning, plan optimization, execution & control, and closeout. While aligned with PMI, this class helps you develop and manage projects effectively without bureaucratic processes.

Earning Value in Projects

Need to get up to speed with the concepts and terminology of “Earned Value Management?” EVM is a common way of evaluating and forecasting project results, including schedule delays, from a financial perspective. Although typically used in the construction industry and government, some innovative organizations are applying earned value analysis to different kinds of projects. Participants learn tracking, evaluating, forecasting and controlling a project’s earned value once resources have been assigned to tasks. A longer version of this course includes capital budgeting techniques and understanding the firm as a cash pump to clarify financial statements – the income statement (P&L) and balance sheet.

Microsoft Project Overview

Microsoft Project is the most common project management tool in use today.
Participants learn the 8 conceptual areas of Microsoft Project and how all of those conceptual areas interact to make up the scheduling engine. Our experience shows that learning and skill transfer is always greater when participants’ work on their own projects during a course. Our highly skilled “consultant trainers” can easily manage a workshop with participants all working on different types of projects.

If participants work on our case study project we can cover all 8 conceptual areas of Microsoft Project 2003 in 2 days. We need 2.5 days minimum for Microsoft Project 2007 and 2010. If participants work on their own project during the workshop, we need a minimum of 3 days.