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Vision - Alignment - Execution

Onsite Training

Transform the Way Your Team Works

We provide onsite management training seminars that transform the way people work.

Do you have managers who got promoted because they’re smart and have great technical abilities, but now find themselves at a loss to meet the true demands of leadership? Without enough time and access to coaching and mentoring, they belatedly realize that the “soft skills” are really the harder ones.

You might have other leaders with natural people skills. They understand – and you know – that they can improve even more with the right learning structure and content to guide them toward faster achievement.

Your team members need to function as a high-performance team to accomplish their projects on time, on budget, and with the quality you expect. But sometimes their department priorities conflict with the project manager’s goals; or as team members, they don’t completely understand the intricacies of project management.

We have proven training programs that deliver what you need for all these situations and more. Our training seminars target diverse levels of participants and range in length from half-day to five days. They are interactive, typically team-based, and emphasize practical skill development. Our facilitators have experience working in a wide range of industries, from Fortune 100 to small entrepreneurial companies.

Benefits of providing dedicated or onsite training include:

  • Confidentiality – can include internal information focused on the participants
  • Control of the class schedule – established to meet needs of the participants
  • Flexibility to scale to match the knowledge and experience of the group
  • Reduction in per person learning cost
  • Option to customize based on specific needs – see Customized Training

Let us help you strengthen your organization’s capability and effectiveness, energize your workplace, and refocus your people on company priorities.

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  • Core Project Management
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  • Innovation & Risk
  • Time & Cost
  • PM Tools

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I will use the tactics and practice on those I deal with on a daily basis to prepare me for those people who pose a greater challenge.