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Vision - Alignment - Execution

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You can use a variety of Wiley’s online profiles to gain understanding about yourself or help your employees work more effectively in various situations. They help with leadership, managing yourself and others, team building, resolving conflict, time management, effective selling, listening and understanding, clarifying work expectations, and finding work-life balance. Check out our online profiles below, for quick and easy access with instantaneous results.

We recommend setting up an EPIC Administrator Account if you:

  • Have an ongoing need for online assessment profiles and reports
  • Have a large number of people (15 or more) completing the assessment
  • Want to take advantage of our free 1-to-1 Comparison Reports (when using any of the Everything DiSC profiles below)

Take a look at our facilitator products and starter packages if you are a coach or learning and development professional.

Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile–EPIC $72.00 each (or 15 EPIC credits)

Discover your DiSC style and learn how it affects workplace priorities and relationships. Everything DiSC Workplace can be used for anyone in an organization, regardless of title or role, to improve the quality of workplace interactions. This profile includes an in-depth, research-validated online assessment with 20-page profile for individuals in their work environment. It helps you work with priorities, motivators, stressors, and reaction to other styles, developing strategies to increase effectiveness in relationships, problem solving and conflict.

Everything DiSC® Management Profile–EPIC $120.00 each (or 25 EPIC credits)

You’ll learn about your strengths and challenges as a manager or supervisor and how to adapt to meet the needs of the people you manage — making you a more effective manager. This profile provides an in-depth, research-validated online assessment with a 26-page management-specific profile helping you as a manager understand yourself, your employees, and your boss. It gives you insight into your time management, decision making, directing and delegating style, as well as effective techniques for motivating and developing the people who work for you.

Everything DiSC® Sales Profile–EPIC $120.00 each (or 25 EPIC credits)

You’ll discover your DiSC sales style and how to adapt your style to meet the needs of your customers. This includes an in-depth, research-validated online assessment with 23-page sales-specific profile that helps you as a salesperson understand yourself, your customers, and your relationships. Sales competencies and results, sales challenges, understanding buyer’s styles and their priorities, with tips and techniques on adapting to different customers. Includes a customer interaction plan.

Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Profile–EPIC $120.00 each (or 25 EPIC credits)

This unique assessment allows you as a leader to focus on real-world demands and create tangible steps directed at leading a group or organization toward desired outcomes. Leadership best practices are context specific so the preferred behaviors will depend on the needs of the situation that are organized into 3 phases: vision, alignment, and execution. You will be able to generate powerful conversations that provide a clear path for action in your organization.This profile includes:

  • 23-page highly personalized report
  • 18 behavioral continua
  • Context-specific feedback
  • Tips and strategies for improving leadership effectiveness

Everything DiSC® 363 for Leaders Profile–EPIC $240.00 each (or 50 EPIC credits)

Only available through an EPIC account.
Combines the best of 360s with the simplicity and power of DiSC, plus three strategies for improving leadership effectiveness at any level in the organization. The result is a 360 experience that’s more productive and satisfying.
This profile includes:

  • 22+ pages all about the leader
  • All-new, research-validated model
  • Intuitive, easy-to-read visuals
  • Rich cuts of data and feedback breakdowns
  • Comprehensive listing of rater comments
  • Three strategies for improving effectiveness

DiSC® Classic 2.0 (narrative)–EPIC $72.00 each (or 15 EPIC credits)

Provides a personalized feedback in a conversational style that even our paper profile can’t match. This profile helps you understand your own behavior, and learn how and when to adapt it when dealing with others. It helps you improve communication, appreciate differences, reduce conflict and enhance personal and team performance. This online version provides a more personalized and richer interpretation that the paper profiles.

Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 – Call for pricing and ordering

This profile helps you understand your role on a team, introduces a process that gets new teams moving forward quickly, and helps ongoing teams innovate. Team Dimensions Profile is a learning tool for team building and team development. Successful team members have unique talents and strengths. This instrument helps you work from your strengths by identifying your most natural team role: Creator, Advancer, Refiner, Executor, or Flexor. Using the Team Dimensions model, team members understand the importance of each role, increasing your appreciation of each individual’s contribution. This profile helps: identify individual approaches to teamwork, match individual strengths with team roles, reduce team stress and conflict, encourage team innovation and problem solving, increase productivity and shorten project completion time.

Time Mastery Profile® (Individual Profile) – Call for pricing and ordering

The 32-page Time Mastery Profile® on EPIC (online) helps you achieve effective time management in areas such as setting goals, priorities, planning, and scheduling. It includes 60 statements that describe your time related behavior in 12 key categories, helping you analyze your strengths and opportunities for improvement. It helps you meet the challenges of managing meetings, interruptions, written communication, procrastination, and delegation. The Skills Gap Analysis provides you with a quick and easy way to pin point the areas where improvement will have the most impact on your success. It provides practical tips for a personal action plan.

Personal Listening Profile® – Call for pricing and ordering

Profile includes a 16-page learning instrument that helps you discover which of the five listening approaches that are your most natural preference to listening. It’s estimated that people screen out or change 70% of what they hear. You’ll gain insight into the different listening approaches of others and learn when and how to adopt another approach for more successful communication. The online version gives you a Communication Gap Analysis with an Action Plan to develop strategies for improvement.

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