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Vision - Alignment - Execution

Time Mastery

Time Mastery

Time Mastery Profile® (Individual Profile) – EPIC

$48.00 each (or 10 EPIC credits)

The 32-page Time Mastery Profile® on EPIC (online) helps people assess their time-management effectiveness in 12 categories and includes a Skills Gap Analysis. Addresses goals, delegation, procrastination, scheduling, planning and meetings. This powerful feature shows how respondents rate their skills in each Time Mastery category as well as how important each category is to their job performance. This data helps respondents quickly determine where to focus their time-management efforts for greater personal and professional success.

Sample Time Master Profile Individual Profile
Time Mastery Profile eBrochure

Time Mastery Profile® Facilitator Report – EPIC

$72.00 each (or 15 EPIC credits)

The Facilitator Report, available exclusively for EPIC reports, can be used to customize Time Mastery training or coaching sessions, based on job-importance and self-assessed skill level of participants. The Group Skills Gap Analysis graphically portrays group data pinpointing those categories that need the most attention. Participant data is presented anonymously for discussion purposes as well as by name for facilitator use.

Sample Time Mastery Profile Facilitator Report

Time Mastery Profile® (paper) (C-345)

$27.25 each

Time Mastery Profile Paper Profile C-345The paper Time Mastery Profile includes the assessment, time management information, and action planning for each of the following categories: goals, delegation, procrastination, scheduling, planning and meetings. This unique tool provides people with a complete self-directed assessment of their current time-management effectiveness.

Time Mastery Profile (paper) (C-345)

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