Vision - Alignment - Execution

Vision - Alignment - Execution

Facilitator Products

Facilitator Products

We offer the assessments you need as a learning and development professional- whether you work in a Fortune 100 company, non-profit, entrepreneurial start-up, or are an independent consultant or coach. Gantt Group can provide you with:

  • 55 well-researched, easy-to-understand assessment tools – many for multiple purposes
  • An online EPIC account (Electronic Profile Information Center) for easy management of your assessments
  • Immediate results visible upon completion of online profiles
  • Quantity discounts – balance your price and volume needs
  • No fees, renewals, or minimum orders – ever!
  • Facilitator Kits for all Wiley assessment products
  • Customer support from our DiSC Certified consulting staff

Wiley’s commitment to ongoing product research and creating innovative, customizable toolkits makes them the provider of choice for the world’s best training professionals. Wiley sells products exclusively through an elite Authorized Distributor network. We can set you up with an EPIC subaccount that will give you:

  • Ability to administer, brand, and customize your assessments and reports or add personalized comments to emails when sending out access codes
  • Control and flexibility – with over 45 assessments available in the system, you can organize them however you choose using folders and sub-folders. You can view, print, or email any report
  • Free bonus reports – create Comparison Reports between any two people (who take any combination of Everything DiSC products only)
  • Your EPIC credits never expire and you have no renewal fees or minimum orders
  • Free EPIC Account set-up ($193.50 value) with minimum order of 250 EPIC credits

Facilitator Kits with customizable Leader Guides, Handouts, and customizable PowerPoint slides are available for all assessment products.

Everything DiSC Bonus Video


This Bonus Video contains 133 minutes (107 segments) of straight forward and humorous video clips that allow your participants to connect with the learning on a personal level. Whether you’re looking for communication, team building, management, conflict, or sales, you’ll find video you can use to complement any of your DiSC Training.

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Our Guarantee:

You’ll get the best DiSC profiles and assessment products to accomplish your learning and coaching objectives, quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

Gantt Group has been a trusted DiSC Distributor since 1996:

Everything DiSC Profiles Online, DiSC Classic Profiles, EPIC Accounts and other Inscape Publishing assessments.

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What They’re Saying:

“The use of the DiSC Classic profile in training sessions, designed by the Gantt Group, supports the enhancement of key Project Management concepts and practices and has proven to be an excellent option for dealing with conflict and communication. Its availability in multiple languages is critical factor for global players.”

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