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Create an EPIC Account

Create an EPIC Account

What is EPIC?” – everyone asks. EPIC is an online system designed for Trainers, Coaches, Consultants, and Learning Professionals who want a “Do-It-Yourself” approach to administering profiles.

It gives you a simple way to send, print, and store online assessments. You get maximum independence and control in using Inscape electronic profiles. EPIC is an easy-to-manage service for sending online access codes to the people you want to take DiSC or any Wiley assessment. It archives all individual and group reports in your private online EPIC account.

We recommend an EPIC Administrator Account if you:

  • Have an ongoing need for online assessment profiles and reports, or
  • You have a large number of people (10 or more) completing an assessment

Your own EPIC account gives you:

  • Control and flexibility – with over 45 assessments available in the system, you can organize them however you choose using folders and sub-folders. You can view, print, or email any report
  • Free bonus reports – create Comparison Reports between any two people (who take any combination of Everything DiSC products only)
  • Ability to administer, brand, and customize your assessments and reports or add personalized comments to emails when sending out access codes
  • No fees, renewals, or minimum orders. Your EPIC credits never expire!
  • No printing and shipping charges – send codes or reports anywhere, anytime via the internet
  • Free EPIC Account set-up with minimum order of 15 DiSC Workplace or Management online profiles

Facilitator Kits with customizable Leader Guides, Handouts, PowerPoint slides are available for all assessment products. New Everything DiSC PowerPoint slides come with embedded video.

How does the EPIC Administrator Account Work?

EPIC works through the purchase of “credits” you use for obtaining assessments and reports. How do credits work? Use an analogy of tokens at an arcade. You purchase tokens you can use for any combination of games. Some games may cost two tokens; others cost three. The EPIC system works in a similar way. Each profile has a credit value. You purchase the number of credits you want – based on volume discounts or immediate need. You “spend” those EPIC credits when and where you choose, on a wide variety of reports or profiles. If you want to lower your report costs, you can purchase EPIC credits in bulk and “bank” them in your electronic account to use now or in the future.

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What They’re Saying:

“Our clients continually say they love how their EPIC Sub-Accounts give them more training time than the paper profiles – by having employees anywhere in the world complete assessments online in advance. It also takes less time for participants and EPIC’s automatic scoring increases accuracy.”

Raleigh Knight
Administrative Assistant, Gantt Group