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Vision - Alignment - Execution

Meeting Facilitation

Why Have Meeting Facilitation?

Facilitated meetings can be the most effective way to communicate information and reach agreement on complex issues. Face-to-face meetings enable creative dynamics to emerge – the development of new visions, alternatives and solutions as participants share their perspectives.

Clear and understandable interaction in meetings (or teleconferences) is becoming more and more crucial as global business domains overlap and become increasingly complex. Most business meetings include people with diverse expertise, cultures, and understandings of the situations you all face.

With the richness of these different perspectives, each of you may bring great expertise to your meeting. You may offer the group a depth of analysis and a broadened understanding of the complexity of planning and implementing successful programs from your varied experiences.

So, with the expertise and skill that each of you brings, why have a facilitator? Precisely because the importance of and emphasis on that expertise is diluted if any of you has to also take on the additional role of facilitation. Others may perceive a bias if you have an opinion about the outcome. Having a person manage the process who has no vested interest in the outcome of any decisions makes good business sense because it establishes objectivity and trust/ safety for all involved. The success of a meeting is determined by two major factors:

  1. The results of the discussion – what problems were identified, evaluated, solved; the innovation of the solutions or decisions made
  2. The process that enabled those results – how were the problems solved; did everyone contribute; did the group work together well; were participants both stimulated and challenged?

An outside facilitator helps the group focus on the content of the meeting. He or she brings the process into focus as well as maintaining an open and balanced flow of conversation. The facilitator is responsible for adhering to the agenda, clarifying roles, topics, issues, and affirming the agreements and commitments of the group. This enables the participants to do a better job of sharing their information and expertise, and in making solid decisions.

Gantt consultants work with you in whatever facilitation capacity is most appropriate for your needs.

Facilitated Business Meetings

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“Martha Legare was a delight to work with, bringing project management expertise, cross-cultural insight and the PMI (Project Management Institute) perspective. She is not only intelligent, but also creative, tenacious, and charming in her approach. I endorse both Martha and the Gantt Group.”

Terry L. Poling
President, MetaDynamics, Inc.