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Innovation Assessment

Innovation Assessment

Gantt is collaborating with a firm that has recently developed and validated assessments measuring innovation in organizations, teams, and individuals.

In today’s fast-changing environment, innovation is critical to your company’s success. Most people think that innovation is about a future product or service that no one has thought of yet. Our research shows that pioneer-type innovation is only 4% of the innovation that occurs.

  • Are you using the other 96% of innovation potential in your current organization?
  • Do you know what it takes to be innovative?
  • Does your team or organizational culture leverage the innovation traits and talents of your employees?

Innovation Requires:

  • Capability to envision new ideas or changes
  • Motivation to make a difference
  • Perseverance to see it through, overcome obstacles and risk

Innovation Assessments provide your organization with:

  1. Awareness of different innovation styles
  2. Understanding of individual employees’ innovation strengths and capabilities, while providing specific and tailored ideas for professional development
  3. Team development by introducing a common language, understanding of individual strengths, and specific suggestions on how to maximize the group’s innovation potential
  4. Clarity regarding your current culture of innovation and how that impacts innovative thinking and implementation
  5. Thought leadership and specific roadmap on how to maximize your team or company’s innovation potential

Organizational cultural factors include strategy, risk, innovative thinking, resolve, and people practices. Individual innovations traits include: desire, breakaway thinking, uncertainty, stand alone, openness, trends, extrapolate, and perseverance.

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“We especially appreciate your sensitivity to helping us design and use a system that will be an effective tool for us. As you may know, one of our key strategies is speed, i.e. to be quicker than any of our competitors. So we need systems that help us build on that legacy.”

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