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What’s Your Organization’s Change Challenge?

New leadership? Merger or Acquisition? Shifting markets? New products? Project prioritization?

Companies need to respond to change, and get resource buy-in, to achieve better results faster.

Gantt Group business consulting services align your changing organization, your people, and your projects. We partner with leaders to:

  • Assess current state of your organization
  • Develop effective strategy
  • Facilitate valuable organization change
  • Manage successful project execution

We help you build an unprecedented capacity to improve your organization’s performance.

What’s Different about Gantt’s Approach?

Our management consultants know that managing organization change is NOT the same as Change Management. We’ve done both. Sure, Project Management lends precision, consistency, and predictability to your vital operations. Change Management helps persuade your people to buy-in and do things differently. However, neither Project Management nor Change Management alone can live up to their full potential if they aren’t aligned with your leadership’s vision and linked to a clear business strategy.

Our team of management consultants, with diverse cultural, technical and behavioral science backgrounds, knows what it takes to get people working together to achieve your goals. It takes:

  • A clearly articulated business vision and strategy
  • Alignment and buy-in of your people to achieve those goals
  • Precise, flexible execution of the projects that support that direction
  • Measurable accomplishment in the context of your culture

Organizational Culture Model
Organizations are made up of people who bring their own mental, emotional, physical, and cultural ways of operating in the world. Your company can innovate and respond to change faster when you take that into account. We use a number of core diagnostic tools to support your business strategy and organization change to enhance your organization performance.

Gantt Group management consultants facilitate organization alignment that allows ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results. Whether you are at the beginning of the vision process or simply want help along the way in project execution, let us be your partners in achieving your organizational goals.

To see more about our approach, go to About Gantt, What We Believe, and How We Work with You

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What They’re Saying:

“Working with a global logistics provider of 60,000 people and developing a global corporate project management process was a challenge Martha was more than up to. Her depth of knowledge and experiences made working with her a joy, as well as very productive.”

Ian Middleton
Manager, Exel Logistics, UK