Vision - Alignment - Execution

Vision - Alignment - Execution

What We Believe

What We Believe

We Know Structure Determines Behavior.

As systems thinkers, we know the structure of a change solution will determine its realization.  Since “God (or the Devil) is in the details,” we do our best to consciously design and sharpen everything that will determine your organization’s success. This means aligning critical change dimensions, including roles and resource management, compensation systems, etc.  Attention to these details helps us identify potential change impact in advance and to offer you workable solutions with the capacity for self-monitoring and self-correction.

We Recognize That People Are The Key.

The biggest budget or the most sophisticated software isn’t the secret to success – people are.  We know that the way people work together can determine success or failure.  We also know that technical capability, money, and even leadership commitment won’t be sufficient if the people don’t buy into your change solutions. People often represent your highest fixed cost in knowledge-driven organizations, and their commitment is what keeps change projects on track. Because we know how to work with people and change, we are able to effectively use everyone’s energy, experience, and creativity.

We Believe that Differences Are The Source of Your Power.

Research has consistently shown that diverse teams develop more innovative, higher quality products and services.  As a diverse team ourselves, we have the experience and understanding to help you unleash the full potential of your business.

We Honor The Spirit of Henry Gantt.

Before creating the Gantt chart in 1917, Gantt devised a pay & bonus system that doubled manufacturing production while enabling workers to earn a living wage.  He later changed working culture by rewarding foremen for teaching workers to improve the way they worked, taking pride in the quality as well as quantity of production. Finally, Henry Gantt advocated social responsibility for business, stating that the “business system has its foundation … and existence in service.”  We hope to expand the legacy of Henry Gantt’s drive to influence the workplace with innovative tools AND values.

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Finding great partners is no easy task. I can recommend Gantt Group enthusiastically – they are knowledgeable and skillful and bring a great deal of added value to any engagement.

Kim Barnes
President/CEO, Barnes & Conti