Vision - Alignment - Execution

Vision - Alignment - Execution

Logo Story

Our Logo Story

We chose a triangle moving forward for many reasons:

  • Triangles symbolize goals and dreams across the world’s diverse cultures*
  • Pointing forward shows the positive movement of changing organizations
  • The triple constraints of business projects – time, cost and quality – are often portrayed in triangle form

The Gantt Group logo represents our balancing flexibility, consistency, and human creativity in helping you structure the way forward through organizational change to achieve your business goals.

Henry Gantt, who created the Gantt chart, also created positive change in the culture of many organizations. He developed a radical (at the time) approach: structuring a system that rewarded managers for teaching workers to improve the process and quality of their work. Later in life, Gantt advocated social responsibility, stating that the “business system has its foundation… and existence in service.”

* Angeles Arrien’s research found that there were 5 shapes out of 1200 ancient visual symbols that people in different cultures gave similar meaning. In the archetypal process of choice-making, each stands for a process of human growth.

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What They’re Saying:

“Gantt Group was a delight to work with, bringing project management expertise, cross-cultural insight and the PMI perspective to our joint venture. Martha is not only intelligent, but also creative, tenacious, and charming in her approach.”

Terry L. Poling
President, MetaDynamics