Vision - Alignment - Execution

Vision - Alignment - Execution

How We Work

How We Work With You

We are Your Partners.

We believe that we serve you and your organization leadership best when we tell you the truth, and when our working relationship is honest, trustworthy, accessible, and enjoyable.  We have strong opinions based on our change leadership experience, and we’re flexible.

We Listen to Your Needs.

We know that effective organization structures are not created using identical, cookbook solutions.  While we have change templates for speed of delivery, we work with you to craft an organization solution that is custom-built to meet your specific business change needs.

We See the Forest AND the Trees.

We have the capacity to recognize and find the balance between change strategy and tactics.  We are a complete resource for your business because we can co-create your future both as architects and as builders.

We Give You More Than You Expect, But Not More Than You Need.

We know that building long-term, trustworthy partnerships with our customers requires matching our service with your expectations.  We are committed to maintaining a balance: continually delighting you with the quality of our service, while managing your budget as if it were our own.

Our Approach

  • Like many firms, Gantt Group believes good Project Management exponentially increases business success by lending precision, consistency, and predictability to your vital operations.
  • Like some firms, we understand that Change Management is necessary to get your people to accept change that comes with the emotion linked to project change.
  • Unlike most firms, we know that Project Management and even Change Management by themselves cannot live up to their full potential if they aren’t fully aligned with your leadership’s vision and linked to business strategy. The power of change solutions can be unleashed only if it is driven by a clearly articulated business strategy and anchored by the core principles of applied behavioral science.

Organizational Culture Model

How Do We Do This?

We Link Business Strategy, Leverage Project Management, and Learn through Behavioral Science to accomplish your business results. We take into account the impact of organization and individual culture. We make it all work together to achieve your goals.

Get to Know Us

Our consultants have a vast range of experience – from leadership and executive coaching, extensive training backgrounds, to project management, assessment and consulting projects. Contact us to see if the fit is right for you and your organization.

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What They’re Saying:

While there are many choices available, the Gantt Group clearly stands above all others because of their vast experience, willingness to work alongside your organization as a true partner, all in an effort to help you accomplish your organization’s goals.

Keith Lyons
Manager – Gasoline Systems
Robert Bosch LLC