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Our consultants have not just developed strategy and methodologies and designed training programs. They have run business schools, managed manufacturing plants, HR and IT departments; they’ve written books on creativity and innovation, on organization assessment, on financial analysis. Some have designed software programs to make Microsoft Project more user-friendly. Most have traveled the world and understand firsthand the challenges of doing business in a global economy. We know how to work with you in changing organizations and in a changing world.

Martha Legare, MBA, CMP, PMP, Mediator

Martha LegareMartha Legare, MBA, has consulted with organizations, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, for almost 20 years. As CEO of the Gantt Group, Martha focuses on programs that leverage organization strategy, align leadership, and achieve desired results through successful project execution. She has designed and delivered numerous seminars that increase organization effectiveness in the US, Canada, Mexico and numerous countries in Europe. Martha was appointed to three of PMI’s Global Advisory Boards. Prior to founding the Gantt Group in 1996, she was a principal in a San Francisco Bay Area consulting firm that facilitated companies’ change management projects. Martha’s earlier experience includes serving as general manager of a leading manufacturer and establishing a retail business. She is a certified CMP (Change Management Professional), PMP (Project Management Professional), and mediator for the American Arbitration Association. Martha is an innately strategic thinker with strong cross-cultural skills and a steadfast commitment to improving clients’ businesses and their lives.

Robert Carpenter, MBA

Robert -CarpenterRobert Carpenter, MBA, a recognized authority on leadership and management practices, has traveled throughout North America, Europe and Asia for the past 20-plus years showing global executives how to improve their company’s performance. Highly creative and fast paced, Bob brings both understanding and usable tools to some of the most difficult people-management problems, helping everyone in the client organization realize how he or she has a tangible stake in its effective operation. His background includes numerous sales and management positions at IBM and Digital Equipment Corporation, senior positions at several management development firms and the launching of three start-up companies. Bob holds an MBA degree from Columbia University and his clients include the American Society on Aging, Prudential Annuities, the American Association of Engineering Societies, the U.S. Army, and the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. Bob is thoughtful, caring and precise in his work with clients.

Ray Coker, MS, MCP

Ray CokerRay Coker, MS, MCP, transferred his project management training and development skills to the field of consulting in 1992. Prior to that, he was a Senior Trainer and Consultant for Symantec’s project management product “Time Line.” Ray spent the next 20 years training and consulting with several leading project management software products, and has served as a technical editor for product manuals and project management books. He has designed, developed, and delivered 20 different project management courses to thousands of people throughout North America and in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Ray taught in the communication field at the University of Arizona, Temple University, and The Wharton School of Business. Ray has also designed and created several popular add-in products for all versions of Microsoft Project including Process Bridge, Project Logic, and Schedule Tracking Tool. Ray brings an exceptional focus to balancing the human and technical aspects of project management work.

Willard Eng, EdD

Willard EngWillard Eng, died unexpectedly April 3, 2019. He was playing tennis 3 times a week and came down with what he thought was laryngitus. It turned out to be esophageal cancer and he died in less than 3 months. We will miss his brillance, humor and great caring.

Dave Ewert, PhD

Dave  EwertDave Ewert, PhD, excels at the financial aspects of consulting and training. Dave created the Executive MBA program at Georgia State University and is Director Emeritus. GSU’s program achieved top-ten ranking in Business Week’s Guide to the Best Executive Education Programs. While Director, he helped establish the Executive MBA Council, an association of 100+ colleges and universities, and was elected to chair its board. He has testified as an expert witness before a subcommittee of the US Senate and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. He co-authored “Obtaining Unsecured Loans” for the Treasurer’s Handbook by Dow Jones-Irwin and built credit-scoring models that have successfully increased company revenues and reduced operating costs and bad debts. Dave’s Ph.D. in Finance from Stanford helps, but mostly his enthusiasm in presenting financial management seminars in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and North and South America, makes what could be a complex subject, globally interesting.

Stephen Gill, PhD

 Stehen GillStephen Gill, PhD, is a consultant with over 25 years of experience in employee training and performance improvement. He works with a wide variety of business, non-profit, and government organizations analyzing their learning needs and evaluating the effectiveness of their training and development programs. Steve helps individuals, teams, and organizations use evaluative information to achieve their strategic goals. He has published over 50 articles, books, handbooks, and manuals related to learning and development. He earned his Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Northwestern University and was on faculty of The University of Michigan School of Education before becoming a full-time consultant. He is co-author of The Learning Alliance: Systems Thinking in Human Resource Development, and co-author of Communication in High Performance Organizations: Principles and Best Practices. Steve applies his organizational knowledge and skills as a volunteer in the public sector, currently serving as an elected trustee of Washtenaw Community College. His gifted analytical skills are strongly balanced with systematic thoughtfulness.

Kevin Holston, MS

Kevin HolstonKevin Holston, MS, is an organizational effectiveness consultant and facilitator to progressive leaders who want to enable higher levels of performance and bottom-line business outcomes by positively impacting associates, customers and communities. He has focused on people, process, performance and the impacts of technology for over two decades. Kevin recently left an internal consulting position to broaden his impact. He currently conducts organizational culture and behavioral assessments to improve quality in the workplace with better communication, understanding personal styles, team building and leadership. His international business experience includes the healthcare, IT, medical device, telecommunications, internet services and manufacturing industries. Kevin’s diverse background includes experience as a process engineer, industrial statistician and certified Six Sigma Black Belt. He holds a B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering and a M.S. in Applied Statistics. Kevin also helps clients explore initiative, courage, creativity, and what it’s like to lead – and be led – through West African drumming.

Juan Lopez, MSW

Juan LopezJuan Lopez, MSW, works with government agencies and corporations providing organizational assessment and development, leadership, and reinvention strategies. Currently he is the primary consultant for Johnson & Johnson’s nationally recognized Global Multicultural Leadership Program, which is benchmarked best in the field. In this role he is responsible for designing organizational leadership competencies, using 360’s to mentor and develop career strategies for fast track advancement. Juan trains government leaders through the Continuing Education for Public Officials (CEPO) project, and co-founded the Center for Reinventing Government with Ted Gaebler. Juan co-created the national think tank Diversity 2000. He is co-author of: The Diversity Calling: Building Community One Story at a Time, and the “Leading for Diversity” chapter in the ASTD Leadership Handbook. Prior to consulting, Juan was Director for Consultation and Education, National Institute of Mental Health. Juan brings great depth of understanding, flexibility and joy to his work.

Peter Norlin, PhD

Peter NorlinPeter Norlin, PhD, has spent over 30 years in the field of Organization Development, working as both an internal consultant-leader and as an external consultant. Most recently he served as the Executive Director of the OD Network from 2007 to 2011. His internal consulting was with two large insurance companies. As an external consultant he has worked with a wide variety of customers in corporate, government, and not-for-profit settings, from two-person partnerships to Fortune 100 companies. He has served a variety of fields, including manufacturing, health care, education, retail, hospitality, legal, financial services, entertainment, and professional services. Peter has an M.A. and Ph.D. from Northwestern University and is a professional member of the NTL Institute. He helps people throughout an organization embody leadership, move values into action, and create a spirited workplace. Peter brings wisdom and insight to sustaining the balance between personal accountability, teamwork, and whole-system change.

Ankit Patel, MS, CSSBB

Ankit PatelAnkit Patel, MS, CSSBB, has an extensive background in process improvement and strategy. As a Lean consultant for Dell, he oversaw Dell’s manufacturing and re-manufacturing production processes in Tennessee, guiding the multi-billion dollar plant in strategic planning, coaching executives, facilitating Kaizen events, and training Lean leaders at all levels of the organization. Ankit worked with the Cleveland Clinic, improving the culture and processes in their internationally ranked Heart and Vascular Department. Ankit’s diverse background ranges from consulting at the board level to the shop floor and being an entrepreneur. He has owned a Liberty Tax Service, started an online computer education company, and been a partner in a sandwich shop and a motel. Ankit has guided a variety of large, small, and medium size businesses to better profits and sustainable organization results. Ankit’s positive attitude keeps him upbeat while completing his Masters in Positive Organizational Development from Case Western Reserve University.

Rebecca Ripley, MS

Rebecca RipleyRebecca Ripley, MS, is committed to helping organizations become productive places where individuals thrive. Whether in the role of executive coach, management consultant or team facilitator, her goal is always to help unleash the potential for high performance at both the individual and system level. Becky is committed to helping leaders improve their work climate and build on their strengths to leverage talent. Her extensive research on creativity and innovation led to two books: Managing by Thinking Around and Leadership Coaching: The Fast Track to Effectiveness. Prior to consulting, Becky worked in higher education administration and corporate human resources. She has served on the Adjunct Faculty of Johns Hopkins, Tulane, and the University of New Orleans. Becky facilitates organizational change using a solid theoretical foundation coupled with a practical, proven approach. With her warmth and generous support, employees solve problems and increase their effectiveness using enhanced critical thinking, influence and communication skills.

Jim Rodgers, MBA, PMP

Jim RodgersJim Rodgers, MBA, PMP, has worked for more than 20 years in project management and information technology. He has held many designations for clients, including trainer, coach, team leader, business analyst, developer, project manager, account manager, and solution architect. Jim has also managed several IT departments in the not-for-profit, for-profit, and manufacturing sectors. Jim enjoys guiding clients and teams through projects that successfully utilize technology to solve business problems. He works with customers to determine project budgets, schedules, and scope, while also leading teams in the design, development, and delivery of applications to fulfill their needs. Jim works in both agile and waterfall project management methodologies. Through his work Jim teaches clients how to design and employ effective project management techniques in PMBOK-compliant methodologies. Away from business, Jim is an avid skier and sailor. As with his avocations, Jim brings limitless enthusiasm to every project he works on and client he works with.

Ted Williams, JD

Ted WilliamsTed Williams, JD, began consulting and training in 1987, focusing on human resource management and employee education, with a specialty in resolving emergent and long-term workplace issues and initiatives. His training services focus on such topics as executive thinking, succession planning and affirmative action planning. He audits companies’ policies and procedures, providing cultural due diligence and risk management. Ted has successfully negotiated management/ labor contracts and executive employment agreements. He has designed and implemented comprehensive policy and procedure manuals and employee handbooks. Ted conducts training and consulting programs on workforce diversity, compensation, and mergers and acquisition. He also delivers seminars on leadership, team building, conflict management, and managing a multi-generational workforce. With over 20 years of workplace/ workforce management consulting experience, Ted has designed and coordinated human resource policies and programs for startup, expanding, and mature companies throughout the United States. Ted brings both tall Tennessee humor and directness to his consulting work.

Annie Wolock, ACB, ALB

Annie WolockAnnie Wolock, ACB, ALB, has been bringing highly effective online marketing strategies to large and small corporations since 1995. Her specialties are B2B services and ecommerce, with a heavy emphasis on marketing and user experience. Annie offers strategic consultation services to companies requiring advocacy for their large-scale web projects, substantially reducing risks and time. When developing sites, Annie guides clients through an up-front strategic planning phase that builds a firm foundation and lays the groundwork for websites that not only improve online results but that remain effective and productive for longer periods of time. She regularly speaks to groups and associations on how strategic planning can positively impact a website.

Rita Wuebbeler, MA, MCC

Rita WuebbelerRita Wuebbeler, MA, ACC, supports leaders of global organizations and global teams in reaching their highest performance potential by aligning a clear vision with strategic objectives. She coaches global executives in maximizing their personal leadership skills, and helps organizations increase their intercultural competencies. Rita also provides personal leadership seminars to individuals and groups interested in leading the self before leading others. Serving clients in North America, Europe and Asia, Rita uses her interactive and inclusive facilitation style to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds. She is the co-author of “Cultural Detective: Germany” and an Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Administrator. A native German, Rita spent the first two and a half decades of her life in Europe before moving to North America. After living in the US for over twenty years, she now resides in Canada continuing her life as a global nomad. Rita combines insight, humor, and heart in coaching individuals and organizations across the globe.

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We originally chose Gantt to deliver a custom course before Compuware had a project management methodology of its own. They were insightful, practical and easy to work with. We happily collaborated for many years.

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