Vision - Alignment - Execution

Vision - Alignment - Execution

Organization Change

Organization Change

What Are Your Organization’s Challenges With Change?

Have the players in your leadership team changed?
Is your company going through a merger or acquisition?
Are your markets shifting and requiring new product development even faster?
Do you need to re-prioritize your portfolio of projects?

You need to:

  • Initiate or respond to change
  • Get resources aligned to support change
  • Execute effectively to achieve better results faster

However, managing organization change is not the same as Change Management. No? Then what’s the difference?

Change Management

Change Management is a pre-defined, structured behavioral science approach to transitioning individuals, teams or departments from your current state to a desired future state, when that vision of the future has been clearly defined by senior management.

Managing Organization Change

Managing organization change requires a planned, organization-wide effort to increase an organization’s effectiveness and viability. It affects the culture of your company, and often involves to using behavioral science in VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) environments to determine how you want to both define, and develop that future state.

Managing organization change takes more work on the front end. “Change is Situational, Transition is psychological.” Gantt works with both, understanding human behavior and developing strategies using substantial approaches to change, assessment, and learning to help you organization adapt to new technology, marketing challenges, and the rapid rate of change itself.
Gantt Group business consulting services align your changing organization, your people, and your projects. We apply our experience with business culture, strategy and human systems design and partner with your leaders to increase your organization’s effectiveness and viability.

Gantt can help your projects succeed faster with simple, critical assessments and effective communications utilized at the right point in your organization change process. We work with you to determine whether your organization has prepared the right people, process and culture to achieve the changes you want. We can build your Change Agents’ skills, and assess your strengths and capabilities. The WAY your projects are implemented is critical to their success.

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What They’re Saying:

“The Gantt Group was very effective in helping us create a common culture using the DiSC personal profile. Martha Legare worked with me, as the new Manager of Organization Development, to determine the most appropriate management, leadership and team assessment tools for our business. Gantt provided the assessments and supported us all along the way, while we did the training in-house. It was a rewarding and cost effective solution. The DiSC model gave our company a universal language for addressing performance goals.”

Carol Tessler, Manager
Training and Organizational Development
NSF International